Welcome to our community “BIBG”

This space aims to be a meeting point for the Brazilian community living abroad.

Here you can find each member of our community. Our aim is to create visibility and transparency to stakeholders and facilitate “how” and “where” to find us.

We will act also as a community, where each member will be able to update us with latest news, events, share challenges and success stories, employment opportunities and be part of a support networking.  We will develop activities in different segments of the society, as well as create business development opportunities worldwide. Our aim is mutually support each other’s success.


Our Values

  • Cooperation through Empowerment
  • Ethics & Respect
  • Networking to achieve Synergy

Let’s grow together and become stronger as a community, and share the best of our Brazilian culture. I am sure we have a lot to offer, and contribute to our local and international community.

We wish “you” can enjoy this space, as much, as we do! 


“BIBG” platform has been founded in May 2012 by Ana Kolb, who is the leader of the community. For further information about Ana, visit www.anakolb.com